Mosquito Camouflage Hammock


Planned for all your outings in nature the camouflage mosquito net hammock allows you to rest discreetly.

Lightweight and durable, you can take it on every outing, even in difficult conditions. Designed to withstand bad weather and heat, your Zen Hamac mosquito net hammock is not afraid of wear and tear. In addition, it can carry a load of up to 200 kg.
Ideal to protect you from flying insects such as mosquitoes, the mosquito net doesn't fall on you.

An expedition in nature does not rhyme here with discomfort, quite the contrary! With its innovative hoops, your mosquito net hammock guarantees you peaceful nights like you've never had before.

Easy to fold and carry, your Zen hammock follows you everywhere and without constraints. Ranked among your shipping equipment, you don't even notice its weight as it is so light.
Once at your destination, unfold it and fast secure it with the ropes and muskets provided with the mosquito net hammock.
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