Rose Mosquito Hammock


For those who want to put some color in their night. The Zen Hamac pink mosquito net hammock offers originality in addition to its own comfort. Planned for one or two people, you will no longer be jealous among your children, they will also enjoy your super mosquito net hammock. Be careful though, the weight limit is 200 kg.

Even more comfortable than conventional models, Zen Hamac offers models equipped with smart hoops that give you extra comfort, like in a bed.
Its integrated and arranged mosquito net like an alcove protects you from insects and other pests. So you can sleep on both your ears.

Easy to install with its folding and unfolding frames easily, you can carry it anywhere or change it to your sandstone.

If you are afraid of falls, rest assured, the Zen Hamac mosquito nets are designed to hold firmly to their support thanks to the ropes and muskets provided with the hammock.
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